I started playing drums on cardboard boxes when I was about 9 yrs old. Soon after that mom & dad bought me a real 4-piece drum kit from Sears. Not long after that I started to get serious about playing drums. I played in church a few times to get a taste of "Live" playing! In Junior High School, I joined the Orchestra and started reading music. In High School, I joined the Jazz Band, Marching Band, & the Orchestra! This is where I learned to play different styles of music. While in High School, a couple of friends and I formed a Big Hair Band.

In my early twenties, I auditioned for Country Band. I played
with several local bands until I saw an ad for a Country/Southern Rock drummer. Making this switch, turned out to one of the best decisions I ever made. First, I joined the E. Flatt Band. I have many great memories with that group of guy's! Now I'm with the Flat Out Band
and love these guy's! I'm enjoying every minute. 
So here comes another chapter in my life!

I thank God for the blessings and talent he gives me.

Through Him all things are possible.